West African Percussion

The Drum Hut is closed for business until further notice.

Please feel free to contact me for advice or referal to other djembe builders.

Apologies for the inconvenience.
Djembe by The Drum Hut Djembe by The Drum Hut Djembe by The Drum Hut Djembe by The Drum Hut


A selection of our Premium djembes. Take a look at the Djembes page to see everything we have in stock.

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The Drum Hut is owned and run by me, Matthew Crisp.

The Drum Hut has moved from Edinburgh to London, but I ship all of my products across the UK and EU. The premium djembes I stock are from Conakry in Guinea and are carved by the exceptionally talented Alseny Camara. Each djembe is a work of art unto itself. They're skinned in my workshop using the highest quality skins from Mali and Guinea and racing-spec yacht rope, meaning that these are amongst highest quality djembes available in the world.

I still regularly find and fix djembes that are in need of some love and attention and these can be found in the Beginner and Intermediate Djembes section of the Djembes page. I try to keep a stock for all budgets whenever possible.